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Mario Rubalcaba skating by Mario Andrade

Although the worlds of skateboarding and rock ’n’ roll have been intertwined for the better part of four decades, it has been exceptionally rare for an artist to leave a mark in both disciplines. Mario Rubalcaba is just such an artist.

Mario began his drumming career in 1990 with seminal San Diego bands 411 and Clikatat Ikatowi, his instantly identifiable style propelling those groups through the ceiling. Concurrently, Rubalcaba was part of the generation that ushered in the burgeoning art form of modern street skating, taking the discipline to new levels as a rare skater that could ride all terrains. As a member of the revered Team Alva, he traveled the world performing demos and competing.

Over the subsequent twenty years, Mario has continued to push boundaries with iconic bands including Hot Snakes, OFF!, The Black Heart Procession, Rocket from the Crypt, and Earthless. A hi-fi enthusiast, Mario has a formidable record collection exhibiting a deep appreciation for the robotic soul of kosmische Musik, the polyrhythmic swing of the Coltrane quartet, the raw power of proto punk, and the tuneful songwriting of twentieth century masters ranging from Petty to Reed. As a drummer he draws equally from these influences to create his familiar—yet distinctive—signature sound. Mario also maintains a presence in the world of skateboarding, with a signature model on Assault skateboards and a lifestyle/signature shoe by Kingston Manufacturing. He lives with his family in San Diego.

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